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 Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Songwriter Opportunities, Song Competition, Workshops, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg, TN  Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Songwriter Opportunities, Workshops, Song Competition, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg, TN

Songwriter Opportunities will open for sign ups and registration no later than Nov. 15, 2016 (Ones highlighted in blue click to open)

The Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival offers many ways singer/songwriters can participant and hone the craft of songwriting during the 6th Annual SMSWF Aug. 16-20, 2017  in Gatlinburg, TN.

To participate in the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival click on each opportunity being offered below for more details and to SIGN UP

Click here to enter the 2017 Song Competition (Entry Deadline April 30, 2017.)

Click here to register for 2017 SMSWF Workshops

Click here to request a Seat in a 2017 SMSWF Round 

Click here to Own Your  Own Stage during the Aug. 16-20 2017 SMSWF 

Click here for Mentoring/Audition Sessions.

Click here the SMSWF Rocky Top Co-Write with Hit Writer’s Project. 




If you have any questions or ideas of things you would like to see offered by the SMSWF,  please contact us below.

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Smoky Mounains Songwriters Festival, Songwriters, Sponsors, SMSWF, Gatlinburg, TN