Heather Maples Bio

Heather Maples  9-11 PM Fri. Aug. 16 Hardrock Cafe
Heather Maples
9-11 PM Fri. Aug. 16
Hardrock Cafe

Felice and Boudleaux Bryant’s lyrics describe a girl from Rocky Top as being “Wild as a Mink,” and “Sweet as Soda Pop,” and nothing could be more true about Heather Lee’s personality on stage. She is a performing, singer-songwriter with both experience and heritage. A careful blend of her art and her ability to entertain, Heather’s performances are toe-tapping fun! As an eighth generation descendant of Martha Jayne Huskey Ogle, Gatlinburg’s first settler, Heather’s musical roots run deep.  Reflected in her guitar style, the hint of bluegrass is found on the frets of her soulful, but energetic songs. Heather’s songs are crafted with subtle intricacies and sometimes haunting lyrics. “Beautiful” and “One Out of Two” are songs that contain stories she shares from her life experiences. Heather says, “I’ve always written songs of the heart and the human being.”  Her lyrics are not so much about hard times on the farm, but more of the human condition that the era has brought about.  In the music industry it’s easy to become jaded, but I am a romantic, and still believe love makes the world go ‘round.’  Her ancestors William and Martha Jane Huskey Ogle rightly named Gatlinburg, at that time White Oaks Flats, the “land of paradise”.  Heather believes that the SmokyMountains and the people who live here are the most beautiful on earth and says she wouldn’t want to be from any other place in the world.  “God has truly has blessed us in these beautiful Mountains!”