2017 Workshop Registration

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Register NOW for the Aug. 16-20, 2017 SMSWF Workshops at the lowest prices ever during the ‘Pig In A Poke’ Registration period .  (‘A Pig In A Poke’ price period is when you register before you know too much about what you are getting.)  These workshops are presented by some of the music industry’s best.

‘Pig In A Poke’ Registration Workshop Fee:  $45 per workshop.

‘Pig In A Poke’ Registration Package Fees:   All 7 Workshops for only $245, 6 Workshops for $215, 5 Workshops for $185 4 Workshops for $155 or 3 Workshops for $125.

Pig in the Poke Registration Fees remain in effect until all presenters and topics are known about the workshops. The only things we know at the moment for sure are:

Sandy Ramos, with the Songtuner, is returning to host another great workshop.

Frank Green, with Skytone Entertainment will present a workshop titled “The 3 Ps Pitch, Publishing, & Production”.

Gary Earl Producer will present a workshop on Pop/Rock Music.

Jeff Silvey and Jerry Salley will present a Gospel/Christian Contemporary workshop.

There will be 2 Pitch Stop/Song Evaluation Workshops to pick from or take them both.

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