Weston James

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 Weston James, a former US Army Combat Veteran, was both shocked and overjoyed when he learned that he was a finalist in CMT’s Music City Madness Competition one year to the date of his arrival in Nashville.  Even though he ultimately did not win the contest, being selected as a finalist in the national level contest affirmed to hm that he indeed had made the right career path choice and that he would bein Nashville for a long time to come.

Wes achieved several major milestones in his first year and has continued that trend to present:  In addition to the Music City Madness Competition recognition, he also was chosen for an Honorable Mention in the International Singer Songwriter Association’s Awards in 2009 for his song “Sweet Watermelon Girl”.  He wrote, performed, and recorded his debut CD, “Country & Weston”, released June 2009.

Weston’s music has been compared as the resulting product of Bruce Sringsteen and Neil Young combining forces to write a country album.  As Wes himself says, his music is a little bit rock, and a whole lot country, but 100% all Weston.  He has a unique vocal style which almost compels one to listen.  His lyrics are intuitive and intelligent and definitely in the folks can relate to category!


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