Jimi McKenzie, Orlando, FL
Thought I’d wait a few days to send this assuming you’d be too busy reading and replying to, hundreds of love and thanks, you blew-it-out-of-the-park emails.:) Consider this one of those as well.
What a wonderful time with a bunch of great folks…not just the writers.
Stellar job.
It was so kind of you to take that moment Sunday to explain how things came to be.  It truly concerned me over the summer that I had put a dent in our relationship before there was one. I have a good rapport with most everyone in the music biz. I was hoping for a moment to make sure we had a good one as well. And you made it happen.:) It was a lovely drive back to my cabin through the park, absorbing the beauty of the mountains and the three nights of fun I had. Your hug was like tying the bow on the package.
Keep safe.
Sometimes a hug
And a kiss on the cheek
Can say more than any words we speak.
Once again great job and thanks so much,  have already put next years fest on my calender.


2015 Testimonials

From Molly Jeanne’s mother Jeanne Marie Levine Freer  Poughkeepsie, NY

I had to let you know that I can’t count the number of times that someone asks us questions like, “How did you meet all of these hit songwriters, producers, publishers, etc.” “How did Molly learn so much about songwriting?” The questions go on and on, but our answer always is, “The Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival.” It really has changed our lives! Thanks for all you do to promote music and friendship.

Carrie Tillis

Cyndy… can’t thank you enough for who you are and all you do, and Iris too, and the whole crew. Being a part of this festival is a highlight of my year. .. surrounded by beautiful people and inspiring talent- the best songwriters around. To be in that lineup makes me very proud and happy. See you next year!!! …if not sooner:) big hug!

Robby Hopkins

Man what a great weekend at Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival!! It was fun to meet up with everyone I’ve seen there over the past 4 festivals and to make new friends. It was an honor to open up the festival with my friend and hit songwriter Kim Williams & share the stage that night with Molly Jeanne, Scott Reeves, Emily Taylor Reeves, and cameo by Doug Johnson! Thank you to Cyndy Reeves, Iris, Tori, John Condrone, volunteers, hit songwriters, workshop leaders, sponsors, venues, sound guys & gals, and everyone else who worked so hard to make this the biggest & best festival yet. It’s a lot of work, but it is worth the effort. You are making a difference — at least in this songwriter’s life! Here’s a few pics – more coming soon.

Victoria Venier

Cyndy Montgomery Reeves you never cease to amaze me with all you do every year to make SMSF such a huge success. Thank you for your unselfish dedication!!

Kat Speer

What a fantastic weekend it was in Gatlinburg at the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival! I have about a 1000 pics to go through and will post them as soon as I can for all of you there. Thank you, Cyndy Montgomery Reeves and Iris Stephen Ramsey for your dedication and hard work to plan another great festival! This festival is growing growing growing and is better and better each year. If you haven’t been, plan to go in August next year. You will love it!

Lynn Woodruff Gray

It all began early Thursday morning with a misty rain setting the mood to revisit my heritage and then on to the magical and majestic mountains they call “Smoky”! Checked into the motel where “Rocky Top” was penned and then met by such great opened arms of the Festival Family! If you think my dreams came true this weekend, think of the one who had the dream of putting this altogether, Cyndy Montgomery Reeves….she has taken her dreams to the top…There is something magical about dreams coming true in those great mountains. I am a product of such dreams! My family lived in those mountains before it was a park and they cut the timber to make way for the roads that brought us all together this weekend. Bobby Tomberlin had dreams in his youth that brought him into this music world to play a part in my dreams coming true, I could go on and on, but for now, “thank you” is all I can say to the beautiful people who made this weekend so special for me. Bill LaBounty,  Debbie Grisham, Steve Dorff, Scott Reeves, Emily Taylor Reeves, Carrie Tillis, Mark Narmore, PJ at Crystelle Creek, Aaron Bowlin……if I have left anyone out please forgive me.

Mary Hartman

BETWEEN the Great Songs and the Great Songwriters…and The Gatlinburg Inn Porch Pickin’ and the Mountains, I must say I had a WONDERFUL TIME at the Smoky Mountains Songwriter Festival! So Much Time and Love put into this Festival by Cyndy Montgomery Reeves and all Her Volunteers. Thank You Cyndy so much! And the Night I ran into a Bear with my friend Davis Corley was Priceless…”RUN, THERE’S A BEAR!” LOL….Til Next year Mountains! Amen!!!

Larry Shell

Back from Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains Songwriter Festival.. Always a lot of fun, great to see old friends and writers of all kind… thanks to Cyndy Reeves and her staff for taking good care of us while we were there. They are all top notch people and such a pleasure to be with. We heard some great songs by new and veteran writers and some of the best amateur writer’s songs were submitted at the song competition, the bar is raised higher every year it seems.. It proves these folks are serious about learning the craft of writing better songs. If you get the chance to attend next year I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time in the mountains and hear lots of of great songs and meet some very knowledgeable veteran songwriters.

Jerry Wilson

I had a great time at the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival this past weekend. Got to hear some awesome music by great songwriters, and met Robby Hopkins, an up and coming, and in my book, soon to be famous talent. Watch and listen for his songs on the radio and check out his just released CD.

Marilyn Harris

Hey Cyndy than you so much for a wonderful five days filled with great songs, great people, great venues and great opportunities! You guys did a fantastic job! Please thank everyone involved for me. I’ll see you guys next year!

Dean Johnasean

It’s 4:47am here in Gatlinburg. Walking back to the Hotel after hours of trading songs with all the wonderful songwriters here. It’s been a great festival this year. I still can’t figure out how we all manage multiple showcases and hours of late night rounds but I love this part of gatherings like this. Thanks to everyone for a great night. Sweet dreams friends. ! [:{)>

Billy Knappen

Bobby Tomberlin you are a joy and a talented man I enjoy seeing you every year and I am very blessed to call you a friend. Thanks for all you do to keep this dream alive and doing awesome. Cyndy Montgomery Reeves and Iris Stephen Ramsey love you guys and really appreciate the chance to be apart this wonderful whirlwind of fun and music and talented folks we treasure each year!

Rick Stewart

We had a great time performing Cyndy at the Smokey Mountain Songwriters Festival, you have truly started something that will last on forever .So many of our writer friends and fans from all over the country there, enjoying what you have started, great venues around every turn.Three Jimmy’s and Crystelle Creek Restaurant & Grill sure made us feel welcome as well as Mary from the Kingwood Inn who let us play late nightly. I encourage all writers to be there next year and enjoy what you all have created, just great. Congrats You Rock

Bruce Carpenter

Back home at the farm after a week of songwriting, singing, laughing, listening, learning, visiting and fellowship with other songwriters, performers, music lovers and most importantly people I call friends and love being around. Thank you Cyndy Montgomery Reeves and Iris Ramsey and all your volunteers for putting together another wonderful Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival. Thank you to all the Professional writers for the encouragement and knowledge you bring and are willing to share. Thank you for the gift of your songs. Those of us who attempt to write use your mastery and success as the benchmark we shoot for. Thanks to the aspiring writers who have the courage to share their song. Knowing your song is not just words but a creation of your making and a portal into your inter being makes them all special. I got to take the long way home, meet some people and go to some places I’ve had on a wish list for 30 plus years. I am truly a blessed man. Very blessed.

Marc Alan Barnette

I wanted to give a shout out of all shout outs to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves, her wonderful daughter,and all the people behind and in front of the scenes with the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival in Gatlinburg Tn. This weekend was an amazing time for everyone, and thank you for letting me participates, in the shows, the guitar pulls and my NAVIGATING NASHVILLE WORKSHOP.  My wonderful thanks to the staff of THE GATLINBURG INN who just pulled out all the stops for us and made us all feel like our “Mountain country home.”  The town was just amazing. Thank you to all the venues, Three Jimmy’s for myself and Scott Southworth, Heino Mollor, and Jeff Hudson, (our new “SCARED HITLESS” round!) and everyone who allowed us in for a little while.  And of course, last but not least, my great friends at CRYSTAL CREEK resturant and the best trout on Earth!!!!
One more shout out to John Condrone for helping set all this up for me.
Really felt so right!!!  Play me that MOUNTAIN MUSIC!!!!!

Barry Ferguson

I had a great time at the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival again this year; always enjoy getting together with my songwriting friends, making new ones, and of course, playing and writing some great songs – thanks to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves for making everything so enjoyable. You’re the greatest – and thanks to Gatlinburg Inn for treating us really special.  Also, thanks for putting me with Wil in the songwriter write – it had been years since we had written together, but it was a positive experience, and we actually spent some quality time outside the write just catching up and bonding again.  I had such an amazing time in Gatlinburg. It is hard to believe another Songwriting Festival is over. I made so many new friends, and caught up with more. What a wonderful family reunion. Thank you to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves, you are the best.

Gary Brown

I had such an amazing time in Gatlinburg. It is hard to believe another Songwriting Festival is over. I made so many new friends, and caught up with more. What a wonderful family reunion. Thank you to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves, you are the best.

Donita Gwyn Newman

Thank you Cyndy Montgomery Reeves for inviting me to be a part of this year’s Smokey Mountain Songwriters’ Festival in Gatlinburg, Tennessee!! WOW!! I want to come back next year and stay in town so I can enjoy all the songwriters and festivities!! Thanks also to John Condrone, Davis Corley, & Mary Hartman for allowing me to share the stage with you. You’re all incredible…I am honored and humbled by your encouragement, talent, and friendship!!

Pal and Zelda Sheldon

Hey there Cyndy Montgomery Reeves thank you so much for inviting us up to play at the festival.. we had a great time and really enjoyed the vibe and all the songwriters.. it was a very special day.. thank for all the hard work… big hugs… from all of us.

Jeff Fuss

Thanks so much for putting on another great festival. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of it and having different venues to play at.I know God has a special blessing for you.I had such an amazing time in Gatlinburg. It is hard to believe another Songwriting Festival is over. I made so many new friends, and caught up with more. What a wonderful family reunion. Thank you to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves, you are the best.I had such an amazing time in Gatlinburg. It is hard to believe another Songwriting Festival is over. I made so many new friends, and caught up with more. What a wonderful family reunion. Thank you to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves, you are the best.I had such an amazing time in Gatlinburg. It is hard to believe another Songwriting Festival is over. I made so many new friends, and caught up with more. What a wonderful family reunion. Thank you to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves, you are the best.

Tyler Jones

Headed home from The Smoky Mountians Songwriters Festival! I had a great time performing and watching others perform!! Thank you to all the staff and tech guys and to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves for inviting me!! Thank you so much it was an honor!!

Anthony Caudill

Pretty cool to go from watching this the Music Row Show on tv to setting between Scott Southworth and the great Carl Jackson chatting about Molly Jean! Thanks Cyndy for puting a great event together!


From Carrie Tillis, Nashville, TN

I was so happy to be a part of this years festival- so proud!  Thank you for having me.  Hopefully next year I will be able to stay the full time and contribute to your other events…I just blocked out the dates on my calendar.The accommodations were just amazing- I was at the Park Vista and they simply treated us so graciously.  The staff were so friendly, helpful, and the suite I had was such a gift. Can’t thank you enough.  I saw you were coming to Nashville…hope your show on WSM is/was a blast and great promotion.  I will continue to spread the word what a great time we had there in Gatlinburg.  You are doing a great thing Cyndy.  It is a fantastic platform to honor these songwriters and give them a chance to spread the inspiration of creativity with others who love the craft. Thank you , Thank you , Thank you!

From Pam Hollingsworth, Traveler’s Rest, SC

I just wanted to let all the folks responsible for pulling together the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival thank you. I drove up with my mother in law to see EmiSunshine not really realizing that we were headed to a festival. It was magical hearing the music playing in the conference room down the hall from our room. The music played until through the night. I thought what a great concept to have music playing at restaurants and all around. SO.. I came back home to little Travelers Rest SC and booked EmiSunshine and tonight we are having our kick off concert for the 1st Annual Travelers Rest Song Writer, Musician, and Poet Festival. Thank you, Cyndy Reeves for giving me the thought my town needs this…….just like you thought when you traveled to Key West! I was listening. …thank you for your inspiration! And now I understand how it takes a year of planning! Thank you, again!

From Bill Whyte, Nashville, TN

“I want to jump on the bandwagon here a bit with my friend Bobby Tomberlin and others to salute Cyndy Montgomery Reeves who founded the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival that just wrapped this weekend in Gatlinburg which featured countless great songwriters, seminars and workshops. Bobby Tomberlin introduced me to Cyndy (thank you) at the Station Inn one night as Bobby, Brady Seals and myself played a round for the “Station Inn Sessions” heard on 650 AM WSM. In the first FULL year for the Festival…outside of Bobby and his trio of writers that unofficially kicked off the idea of a festival in the Smokies the year before…I was the first person to be invited to participate in the festival…still humbled by that. Her and her countless volunteers hard work and passion has paid off. The festival is truly growing leaps and bounds in few short years time. I saw Cyndy shed tears as she talked about how proud she was of an amateur’s gospel song at the songwriting competition this year…a sign of deep deep passion from her about this craft so many of us love. As songwriters…looking to expose our songs and perform them on stage…we are lucky to have her. Thank you Cyndy.

From Lucy Rose George

We were very impressed at the quality of the workshops. Since we had never participated in this, we did not what to expect. We would highly recommend this festival and workshops to anyone who is truly serious about their craft.

G. Fredrick Brown,  East Point, GA

It is hard to believe another Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival has come and gone. I spent much of my life wandering in a wilderness, but for the last four years the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival has very much been a mountain top experience. Thank you to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves, for your dreams and vision, and for all the others who make this event happen. I was very honored to be apart of the “Gatlinburg Nine”, we wrote four amazing songs this year, all in the magical “Rocky Top” room. A couple of them you may hear before next years festival.

I only met Kim Williams twice, but I am very proud to feel his influence through others who knew him well. He will never be forgotten.

I am still processing the magic of this years festival. I think my guitar was played more by others than by me, most of whom I am honored that you even know my name. I met so many new people this year, and I reconnected with so many I met last year. Wow!!, I can’t wait until next year.

From Doug Smith

“Had a great time in Gatlinburg at the Smoky Mt Songwriters Festival. Visited with old friends, met new friends, heard some great music from awesome writers. Thank you to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves and her staff for their hard work in putting this festival together. Congratulations to all of the participants in the competition. I’m already looking forward to the 2015 Festival.”

From Dino Polsinelli

This was first time at this festival and it was excellent. Gatlinburg was a fantastic place to visit.

From Sarah Motes Ashley

Thanks to all the audio techs and sound people! Everywhere I went I had way better sound than I deserve. Much appreciated.

From Barry Ferguson

Yes, I also want to ‘jump on the wagon’ with my thanks to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves, who puts in a lot of time and energy to make this festival what it is, and is passionate about the festival and more importantly, the song writer. What she did this year in the face of the personal issues and loss in her family shows what a true lady she is, and how much she really appreciates the songwriter, the songs, and the people. Thank you so much Cyndy, it is a pleasure to call you a friend.

From Adam Reagan

If you can imagine taking over the city of Gatlinburg for 3 or 4 days with 100 friends and a few other really cool people that you don’t really know but wish you did, then you can imagine what happened to me this weekend. Thank you Cyndy Montgomery Reeves and all of the volunteers and participants that made the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival possible. It was awesome and I can’t wait for next year!

From Robby & Donna Hopkins

Cyndy, thanks for another great festival! Three behind us & I can’t wait till next time… it’s amazing that you were able to bring it all together with everything you’ve been through over the past few months! Thanks for bringing in top notch writers & industry leaders to take us all to the next level. Take care! We’ll see you soon.

From Cathy Parton

Thank you to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves for the Smoky Mountain Songwriter Festival. This was only the third year. And there were over 200 songwriters. There were 14 venues, thanks to her amazing sound crew. There were workshops and critique panels. If you were walking walking down the street in Gatlinburg Tennessee this weekend and you heard great music, I hope that know to thank Cyndy. If you were fortunate enough to participate in this event then you know that we have become a collection of individuals who love music with a passion and have formed a beautiful family.

From Bobby Tomberlin

Thank you so much Cyndy Montgomery Reeves for creating such a great festival that allows so many wonderful creative people to come together and make special memories!

From Martha Christian

SO proud of you lady! You made it through the third year and it just keeps getting better! So very lucky to know you. Thank you for your selfless efforts for the songwriters. Your tenacity is inspiring, your courage is dauntless and your friendship is priceless. Grace, peace and hopefully some rest to you!

From Kat Speer

“Wow! What an amazing weekend! I hope all of you had as much fun as I did at the festival. I’ll need a few days, but will post event pictures as soon as I can. Thank you Cyndy Montgomery Reeves for another fantastic Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival! See you all next year!”

From Randall Beggs

“Cyndy SMSWF was the bomb! non-stop awesomeness. I’m telling everybody!  Karen and I hope (and plan) to make it back next year. much love and thanks.”
From Anthony and Laura Caudill

Thanks for putting on a spectacular event we will definitely return next year! Hopefully we can join the show this time. Thanks again, we found it very inspiring.  We loved the shows at the “Park Vista” we just happened to be staying there, what an awesome memory!

From Olwen Claiborne, Gatlinburg, TN

We had a blast at the Smoky Mountain Songwriter’s Festival this weekend! What amazing talent, and so great to see the Festival growing like it is. Can’t wait until next year!

From Patrick Pileggi, OH

Just wanted to let you know, Larry Beaird & Beaird Music Group has already recorded one of my songs! They will be doing several more also. Great contact I made at the 2014 SMSWF.   Thank you!

From Dena Cochran, Gatlinburg, TN
Today we would like to pay tribute for one of the most amazing weekends we have ever experienced at Crystelle Creek.
Success is a product of hard work ,so we would first like to start with the people that worked so hard in making the songwriters festival a great success.Cyndy Montgomery Reeves,Stephen Iris Ramsey,Betsy Cate, and all the volunteers that were all over town, and most important the songwriters ,the heroes that entertain us everyday!
Family is the most important position we can have in our lifetime. So we would like to thank my sister, Brook St.John for working so hard to make every new family member welcome.Bobby Tomberlin,our brother ,friend, and the soul of everything good ,he has brought so much to so many Bobby you will be in our hearts forever.Bill LaBounty, your natural talents are one of our lives greatest gifts.Shayne Fair, don’t hide your talents you’re an amazing loving man.Steve Dorff, only one word “Genius”.Carrie Tillis, beautiful talented and a strong heart.Mo Pitney, Young and upcoming a new son. It has been our pleasure to add you all to our Gatlinburg family and know we will always be here for you.
John Condrone,our very dear friend, thank you for managing the talent comes in and out of the creek every second Monday of each month we love you so..Jeff Lane and Mike Fisher, thank you for your valuable time and all the joy you give to others…
To all the performers that came out to Crystelle Creek over the weekend we can’t thank you enough.
From Yve Love,   Sarasota, FL
We had such a great time. The stories of how the songs came about from some of the Nashville legends was the highlight for us. Furthermore, it is abundantly clear that the new talent is on their way. I hope all their dreams come true. Thanks for all your hard work putting this together.
From Cyndee Gray Harr,  Blountville, TN
Greetings Cyndy! Didn’t want to much time to go by without letting you know what an amazing time I had at the SMSWF!!! I couldn’t stop smiling all weekend even though I was worn out just trying to get to everything ’cause I didn’t want to miss a second of anything. I’ve already been spreading the word to some writer friends I met at a workshop last year in Nashville. I really feel I learned some concrete things to help improve my own writing, I met some incredible new people, connected with some I hadn’t seen in a while, wrote some new music, and enjoyed performing as well. Kudos to you and your amazing staff. I will definitely be back next year God willin’ and the creek don’t rise! Thank you soooooo much for all your hard work and your dedication. I hope you take a nice long vacation and get some well-deserved rest.
From Randall Beggs, Summerland Key, FL

Just can’t thank you enough, the Gatlinburg Inn, (superb folks) your daughter, the sound techs, and everyone who worked in the scenes and behind the scenes at SMSWF.

This was vacation time and more for Karen and me.   We stayed at the Park Vista, and I have highly recommended that hotel to all who have shown interest in going next year.  I do hope we can make it back, it was so memorable.
Highlights for me were just too many great moments to name.  Loved meeting Bobby, Shayne, Bill A, John C, and the songwriters.  I think a great strength of your festival are the seminars, critiques, contests, and etc that are there for songwriters… the beginners and the journeymen.
The music:  wow!  the above mentioned folks, Mo Pitney, the Darlins, Bill Labountry, Carrie Tillis….. the young singers, Emi-Sunshine and Mollie, I  can name others, so many.  And I know I missed great shows.  The night at the Park Vista with Bobby, etc was very special to Karen and me.
 I wish I had taken more of the songwriter workshops.  I will if we get to come back next year.  John Condrone was very helpful at the critique.
I feel very comfortable recommending that folks go to SMSWF, and if they are not a songwriter, take in those amazing acts.  I know you are going to grow, as this kind of experience is so unique!  Congratulations to you, and blessings always to you and yours.
Please know you and SMSWF are amazing, loved.  I felt that sentiment so strongly in the voices I heard that were in attendance.  I wish you and Gatlinburg (great city)  further growth and success, and I know it’s coming.
From Robby & Donna Hopkins, Lafeyette, GA
Cyndy, thanks for another great festival! Three behind us & I can’t wait till next time… it’s amazing that you were able to bring it all together with everything you’ve been through over the past few months! Thanks for bringing in top notch writers & industry leaders to take us all to the next level. Take care! We’ll see you soon.
From Fish Fisher, OH
It’s good to be home. I just wanna thank Cyndy Montgomery Reeves for putting together such a great event last week at the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival 2014. I can’t imagine what it must take to organize such a huge yet intricate schedule of so many stages, events and workshops. And she does it with such true love for songwriters. Also, the good folks at Crystelle Creek Restaurant & Grill, Historic Gatlinburg Inn (my 2 home bases) PLUS hit writers like John Condrone & Kim Williams for even supporting ol’ Fish Fisher like they do and all of KSA and each & every one of the cowriters & performers that I am blessed to interact with. I don’t know how I fell into such a community of creative souls but I’m amazed at how it really is like a big weird kickass family in my perspective. What a great festival that was!
From David Lauver, Knoxville, TN
Hope you’re taking it easy after a very successful 3rd Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival.  The comments all over Facebook are a tribute to all the hard work you put into the event.  I look forward to seeing all the great official photos Kat has taken, but thought you might like a couple of less formal shots from the weekend. 
From Bishop/GrayHarr Blountville,  TN
I agree- it was one for the books! It was a blessing to meet you and what a great way to be introduced- you sharing some of your life and pouring it into a song- incredible! I’m definitely putting this one on my calendar every year.
From Lucy Rose George
If you can imagine taking over the city of Gatlinburg for 3 or 4 days with 100 friends and a few other really cool people that you don’t really know but wish you did, then you can imagine what happened to me this weekend. Thank you Cyndy Montgomery Reeves and all of the volunteers and participants that made the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival possible. It was awesome and I can’t wait for next year
We are so impressed with SMSWF! The workshops were amazing! We were surrounded by so much talent that we still feel like it was a dream. We can’t wait until next year. Thank you for letting us be a part of something so amazing!
From Bruce Carpenter, Winchester, VA
Thank you for an amazing event. I had a wonderful time and heard far more information than I am able to retain.
From The Darlins, Nashville, TN

We had such an amazing time performing at the Festival! Jude and I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for including us in such a great opportunity that we will cherish. You do wonderful work and we really hope to be apart of it again next year.

Thank you so much,
From Mary Vaughn,  KY

Well deserved! Once again, we had a wonderful experience. I especially want to thank everyone for including Tommy in the crew. In case you didn’t pick up on it, Tommy struggles with high-functioning autism and has always needed a great deal of direction but thanks to you all, by Saturday night, he independently walked down to the Aquarium and participated in the open mic night. You have no idea what a huge step that was for him. He can’t stop talking about his overall experiences and the new friends he has made.

Just one more reason for us to be proud to be a part of this group.
See you next year!!!
From Gary F. Brown
Thank you so much for all you are doing for Songwriters.
Last year was so much fun, but this year was incredible. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
I was such an honor to become your friend and to meet you face to face. I am still very sorry for all your loss at a time when you had so much to do. You did perfectly, the Festival was so much fun.
Thank you also for letting me know about “Willow Way”, I am glad we finally were able to hear them.  You will love how we became friends. It was no accident, but it does make me smile, even still.
We had walked up to the Sugarlands Shine Place to taste their Moonshine. We went to the middle bar and then they moved us all to the last bar inside. As we sampled the Moonshine, my friend Carole began a conversation with the person standing next to her. By the end of the tasting, we had three new friends. The girl next to Carole was Jennifer. I am sure we will always be friends.
I met so many people last year and I picked up many friends on Facebook after last year. This year many of the friends from last year were here and I got to meet the Facebook friends face to face. I also made so many new friends this year.
I also learned so much in the classes, I have so many new tools to try.
I anxiously await next year, I know it will be great.  Next year I will get even more involved. This year has been hell, but soon that will all pass. The days ahead will hold so many new things as I chase my dream. Thank you for helping me press on in the right direction.
Please tell the folks at the Three Jimmy’s the food Sunday was very good.
Thanks again for everything.
From Billy Baker, Gatlinburg, TN
Cyndy…A short note to let you know how much I enjoyed playing the SMSWF. I was honored to share the stage with Brian White and Karen Williams, and was blessed to make their accquaintance and perform with them. We all had a great time, and I think the crowd heard enough to more than enjoy it at Ole Smoky Holler.
Here’s hoping that you survived it, and taking a deep breath before you start next years planning. Thank you for allowing me to participate, and singing a tune or two. I look forward to seeing you in the future.

From Johnny Clifton, Staunton, VA

First, I would like to thank you for allowing me to play a stage spot there this year.My wife and I and the members of our band who were in attendance with us,enjoyed ourselves immensely. The entire event was a first for us. The gentleman, Mr. Ben Stroupe, did a wonderful job with sound. Meeting him among others was definitely a highlight there. We stayed at the Greystone,as we always do on our winter vacation there. You have a wonderful festival for singer/songwriters, I was truly honored to be a part of it this year. Thank you and your staff for a truly amazing time in Gatlinburg. Looking forward to next year.


From Kirk Penney, Canada

I just wanted to say what a fine job you and your team did this past weekend!

As an aspiring pro-writer, the festival helped make some of my dreams come true…

After playing the SongTownUSA stage, I was asked buy a pro writer to co-write. And this morning I was contacted buy a publisher that I met at one of the workshops. This publisher is interested in one of my songs!

Once again, thank you. See you next year!

From Jeanne Marie Levine Free, NY

It was such a wonderful experience for all of us. You are so right to call it a family – we were made to feel like we were being welcomed back home. And we were certainly inspired by the workshops and original music – We have written three songs since returning to NY! Take care.

From Joel Freer, NY

We had a terrific time. Molly Jeanne hasn’t stopped talking about all the wonderful people she met. She expects us to spend an entire week there next year! We all hope to keep touch with the awesome people we met…..until we meet again in Gatlinburg! If any of you get up to the HudsonValley in New York….please look us up!

Thank you to all who made this event possible. It was truly a wonderful experience for our family. Molly Jeanne was so excited to attend the workshops to learn more about music from those who are in the know! We enjoyed seeing so many talented musicians at the various venues across town. We wish we could’ve seen more! Molly Jeanne did not stop talking about Gatlinburg and all the people she met all the way home! We are happily exhausted …. Just arrived home a few minutes ago! Thanks to all the artists who had CDs….they kept us company on the drive back to NY! Hope to see you all again next year! All the best! Special thanks to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves and her crew!

From Robby Hopkins, Chattanooga, TN

Thanks for a great weekend! It was so good to see familiar faces from last year and make new friends too. I appreciate the opportunities to perform, work on my songwriting, and listen to the talented hit songwriters and presenters. Looking forward to the 3rd Annual SMSWF!

From Jonathan Dean, Knoxville, TN

Great time at the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival this weekend! Had a fun show last night at Ole Smoky Moonshine. Thanks to those who made it out to support us. Also, I got some positive feedback on a couple of songs today at the publishers critique panel. Eric Hurt from Zavitson Music Group asked if he could take my CD with him & wants me to give him a call next week, so that’s pretty awesome! I got to speak & help hand out awards at the SMSWF contest…Lots of great songs this year! Congrats to my buddies Mitch Townley and Lee Johnson for taking home the Grand Prize for their song, “Numbered.” And it’s not over yet…I’m going back in the morning for a one-on-one meeting with Bobby Rymer, director of Writer’s Den Music Group, helping John Condrone co-teach part of his workshop and I’m playing in a writers’ round with John from 2-4 at the Aquarium Plaza. Loving the music life.

From Dave Clark, Frankfurt, KY.

“I want to thank all the great Staff and Songwriters for making me feel so welcome at the Moonshine Hollar Stage at the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival this year. I just got home and am exhausted, but wouldn’t have traded it for anything. I made many new friends and seen many from last year. Thanks to Bose for providing the Bose systems for all the stages again this year. Bose are incredible and from my experience work great for everything from solo acoustic to blues and rock bands. Those stuck on having to “SEE BIG”, need to “HEAR BIG” as an audience listener told me at a Blues Festival where Bose L1S systems with B2 subs were used. Thanks also for All the venues in Gatlinburg and to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves for putting on this great event. I got to mix sound for countless hit songs from at least 21 hit songwriters this year and I was just at one stage of at least 12 stages, I am not sure on the total, I just know if you didn’t make it there this year you have to go next year if you love music. Songwriters are the creators of all the songs you ever heard or ever will.”

From Scott Southworth, The WSM Music Row Show, Nashville, TN

Thanks for another AMAZING Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival Cyndy! Love this event and Love You for it!!

From Brandon Fulson, Knoxville, TN

Had a great time performing at the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival.. My mom and my Aunt Brenda got to come with me and it’s always fun when my kids can see me. I could’ve sat there and played til the sun came up.. Thanks again to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves for having me there.

From Khiana Meyer

Nadia wrote: “I also want to thank Cyndy, for everything she went through to make this event so fantastic for all of the songwriters, and all of the rest who were able to enjoy the music!”

From Hollie Brogunier – The Red Wine Effect

Wow what a weekend with The Red Wine Effect in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at Three Jimmy’s and theSmoky Bear Campground for the SMSWF BAND PLAYOFF during the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival. Thanks so much to everyone who listened, bought merchandise, shared wine, and cheered us on! We didn’t win the competition but we did win some new friends and new opportunities…can’t wait to go back

From Brian White, Nashville, TN

Just wrapped up a great weekend playing the Smoky Maountains Songwriters Festival.. Thanks to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves and her staff for an amazing event. I always love meeting new people and sharing our music..Looking forward to next year and seeing this Festival take off. Now it’s back to the writing and recording of new music..God is good…PEACE..

From Jason Ellis

Had a great time in Gatlinburg today!! I am very humbled to be a part of such an awesome event!! Make sure if you are up that way to go check out all of the incredible singer/songwriters that are playing up there this weekend!!! And thank you Cyndy Montgomery Reeves for putting on and organizing this whole festival!!

From Shayne Fair, Laguana Beach, CA

Bobby Tomberlin, Candi Carpenter, Bill LaBounty and I had a great week at the Songwriters Festival! We played five nights in a row. Such a wonderful time in the mountains! Thank you Cyndy and all the fans that came out to see us play!

From Larry Shell, Brentwood, TN

Thanks for allowing me to participate this year, it was a fun filled weekend with lots of good music to be heard from both established writers and the upcoming writers.  Much success in the future Cyndy, thank you.

From Billy Knappen, Sevierville, TN

Meeting for SMSWF went great this morning so excited for next years event bigger and better as we grow, thank you Cyndy Reeves for this you are an awesome person I will be there with all my heart as long as you will have me!

From Michael Fisher

Hey. So check this out, I’m plenty outgoing onstage and on paper but surprisingly introverted & awkward when it comes to participating in networking settings & formal “events”. But I told myself (meaning my wife told me) to just check out the SMSWF this year as a casual “fact-finding-mission”. I planned to hide quietly in the corners to observe & build up the courage to get more involved next year. I visit Gatlinburg & hike the Smokies about 5 times every year anyhow so what’s a 6th, y’know? Anyhows, I just wanted to say thanks to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves & ALL the organizers for making an event that is so well coordinated, entertaining and welcoming that one cannot resist interacting, learning & jamming with others whether they planned on being a discreet wallflower or not. I know that’s what happened to me. I ended up on a whim registering for a few workshops and reviews, meeting plenty of fine new folks, strumming (and planning some co-writing trips) with others AND hearing an un-countable amount of great performers do their thing. I was especially impressed with the knowledge-contributions from the likes of Barb Cloyd, Kim Williams and Larry Shell. Everything was worthwhile on this impromptu trip and I definitely plan on trying to get more involved next year in every way possible. I recommend this event to any songwriter of any caliber. Thanks for a great experience and great fellowship with other song-makers. Yall’re super-cool! See you in 2014.”

From Regan Odom, Bakersville, NC.

Thank you once again Cyndy! I really appreciate what you do, and for making all this possible. Prior to last year’s festival I had about given up on my lifelong dream to be a professional songwriter. There’s no way to repay you for what you have done! How can you but a price on a dream? And you have given mine back to me! If I ever make it as a songwriter I will never forget that you are the one that made it possible. You have re-energized me and rekindled my hope to make something of myself as a songwriter.

From Barry L. Ferguson

I so enjoyed meeting you at this past Smoky Mountains Songwriter Festival. I saw a lot of friends and renewed some as well. The festival was great. I look forward to getting you some material so that I may be more of a participant in the coming years. Thank you for all you do to make this event a success.

From Karen E. Reynolds, WRITERS BLOCK Radio Show, Knoxville, TN

I want to say thank you to everyone who made the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival such a success last weekend. Thanks to Cyndy for her hard work and time…and listen, Cyndy…me and Betsy have decided that one day, you will spontaneously combust and there will be a little pile of dust on the floor, with one of those colorful hats you wear, and a SMSWF t-shirt on top of the pile!!
Hope you’ve had a chance to take a few breaths before you begin preparing for next year!
I also want to thank each and every one of the songwriters who submitted their songs for the songwriting competition. You made us work hard because there were so many incredible songs entered! You are ALL winners in my book and thank you for entrusting your songs to myself and my panel of judges. 
Thank you, as well, to the people who participated in my workshop. I’ve already heard from some of you and am so glad you received information that will be beneficial to your careers. I hope the information continues to serve you well! 
God Bless, y’all!

From Bill Whyte on behalf of the Hits & Grins

Just want to say “thanks” to Cyndy and the entire gang of volunteers at the Festival this year on behalf of “Hits And Grins” Lisa Shaffer, Steve Dean and myself could not have had a better time. This thing is only going to get bigger through the years because of their love for songwriters and endless hard work. Thanks for all you guys do. Can’t wait til 2014.

From Robby Hopkins, Chattanooga, TN

Thanks for a great weekend! It was so good to see familiar faces from last year and make new friends too. I appreciate the opportunities to perform, work on my songwriting, and listen to the talented hit songwriters and presenters. Looking forward to the 3rd Annual SMSWF!

From Jeff M. Christiansburg, VA

I would like say thank you for bringing such a tremendous event to east Tennessee! As a songwriter looking to better educate myself in the craft and in the business side of country music, I am thrilled to be able to “rub shoulders” with some of the best in the business! As a great added bonus, my family can come with me and enjoy all of the great Gatlinburg attractions while I am attending the workshops. Coming to Gatlinburg saves me 5 hours drive time compared to driving to Nashville for workshops. Can’t wait to see everyone there!


From Regan Odom – Buladean, NC – Songwriter Competition Entrant

First of all let me say that you and the entire staff you put together did a #1 fantastic job with the First Annual Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival! I was (and still am) truly amazed at the quality of the festival. It was so much more than I ever expected, and you deserve the highest credit for the wonderful job you did. I am still fired up, and still in awe of that weekend! I don’t know how you did it, but me and my family really enjoyed it! …. Cyndy, thank you once again for all you are doing. I have been going through some hard times and have been depressed for some time, and this festival has really helped me. It made me believe in myself once again, and realize that maybe my dream is not dead. It has also inspired me, and I have been writing feverishly! I can not keep up with all the ideas that keep filling my head!

From Jim Glaser – Nashville, TN wrote “Woman, Woman” a Gary Puckett & The Union Gap hit

Thanks Cyndy, I really enjoyed the Festival, you did a great job!  If everything works out, it’d be great doing it again next year.

From “Sofie” Annette Jareb – Tourist

Hi! I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for the opportunity to attend the first Smoky Mountains Songwriters’ Festival. I know the enormous effort that went into putting together a conference of this size. For me, it was an impromptu pleasure! On vacation in Gatlinburg, TN with the family on the same weekend as the songwriter’s festival was karmic! I had the chance to attend the “Art of Songwriting” with Marty Dodson and Clay Mills. What an amazingly talented duo! They were both excellent speakers – knowledgeable about the industry and wonderfully talented. What a combo. I came away from vacation feeling more energized than ever.

From Bobby Tomberlin – Nashville, TN  wrote   “One More Day”   a Diamond Rio hit

First of all, it was an honor to be a part of the First Annual Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival.  As I’ve said before, I love Gatlinburg and have been coming to the area since I was a child with my family.  It just makes perfect sense for there to be a festival in the Smokys.  There are several festivals in Florida including Key West, Destin and Pensacola as well as in Nashville and also California and Colorado.  I’ve been a part of most of the other festivals and I was so impressed with Cyndy and her group and the way they handled the first annual festival.  I’ve heard so many positive comments from other writers that took part in the festival and I have also recieved numerous emails from fans that attended the festival.  This years lineup was amazing with great variety.  So many people were impressed with the lineup. You had current hit writers, up and coming writer/artists, comedy and a legendary writer/artist.  Again, congrats on a great job with your first year and I’m honored to be involved and will help in any way that I can.

From Robby Hopkins – Chattanooga, Tn Singer/Songwriter/Performer

Hi Cynty, just want to say thanks for a great festival!  It was everything we’d hoped for & more!  The hit songwriters you had at the festival were incredible…the workshops were very informative… and my stage spot went great!  I picked upu several new fans on my musician page & made some great connections in the industry.  I know all of this didn’t happen by  accident.  Thanks for your hard work & insight in putting together this festival.

From Mark Nesler – Nashville, TN  wrote “You Look Good In My Shirt”  a Keith Urban hit

I really enjoyed it being a part of the 1st Annual Smoky Mountains songwriters Festival  I believe it’s gonna get bigger and better every year…the audience was very receptive and fun to play for…what an awesome location for a songwriters festival.  I will definitely try to make it next year as well.  Thank you for promoting the art of songwriting and providing an opportunity to share the songs with others.

From Dave Maggard – Sevierville, TN Singer/Songwriter

Thank you so much for the opportunity  to participate in the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival.  It was a blast.  Our Stage Spot performance was just a great experience.  The sound was dead on and all your people did a fantastic job.  Looking forward to next year already.

From Bill Whyte – Nashville, TN   2012 Hall of Fame Broadcaster – Singer/Songwriter/Performer

I had such a great time at the first ever Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival…and so did my Hits and Grins” buddies…Steve Dean and Lisa Shaffer.  For a first year Festival…I was so impressed with the passion of those who organized and volunteered to help.  That kind of enthusiasm will help grow this festival through the years.

From Scott Parker – Oliver Springs, TN   Songwriter

This was my first time to enter a competition and we had a great time.  It was a good experience for me and I appreciate the opportunity I was given.  Thanks for all your work and from what I heard, it was an amazing weekend.

From Tony Mullins – Nashville, TN  wrote “How Forever Feels” a Kenny Chesney hit

We had a great time at the fest… Cool place, cool people thanks for having me…. Loved the place we played our show “Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler”.  Thanks Cyndy and everybody involved.

From Becky Johnson –  Caleb Slade Johnson’s Mother

We had a great time at the festival.  It was awesome.  You did it.  You arranged a superb event.  Caleb was very honored to have the opportunity to play a Stage Spot at the Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler.

From Joe West – Nashville, TN  wrote “American Ride” a Toby Keith hit

Fun event! Accommodations were great…. Town was very welcoming.  It went great and Is part of an event becoming.   I’d playing again for sure!  Thanks!!

From The Katts – New Market, TN – Singer/Songwriter Duo

Thank you so much for letting “The Katts” be a part of the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival this year.  We enjoyed every second!

From PJ Steelman – Bristol, TN Singer/Songwriter Grammy nominated

I had a ball at the festival.  It was so close to perfect as I could imagine.  It was a tremendous weekend.  Very much looking forward to 2013.