Our Mentoring/Audition Sessions for 2018 are very meaningful experiences for song writers wanting to hone the craft of song writing and find themselves down the road in knowledge of what it takes to be where they want to be and how to do it.

IF YOU WANT TO BE FIRST IN LINE TO SET YOUR MENTORING/AUDITION SESSION appointments during the Aug. 13-22, 2018 SMSWF, you need to register today by sending us an email requesting which mentoring sessions you want.  1st come 1st served.  2nd gets the 2nd pick and on down the line.  Once the Festival’s schedule is set, you will be sent an email with mentoring/audition schedules to choose from according to how the first requests came in to determine your Mentoring/Audition Session appointment(s).

Send an email to smswf@yahoo.com.  Tell us which mentoring session(s) you want to participate in.  The time your email arrives at SMSWF puts you in line to pick your sessions at which time you will be invoiced to secure such session.

List of Music Industry Pros available for a mentoring/audition session during the 7th Annual SMSWF are:

Michael de Bills, Wolf Valley Productions, is offering a prosody session for those of you who only write lyrics.  Add a melody to your lyrics and take home a work tape of your song.  Michael’s sessions are 1 hour. $100 (includes work tape)

Steve Bloch, Demolition Music Publishing, Creative Consultant.  If you think your song is ready to be a great hit, this is the guy you will want to hear your songs.  Steve has many friends in  Nashville and he knows what is going to make it and who to connect it to.  Steve’s sessions are 50 minutes. $75

Aaron Bowlin, CURB RECORDS, Director of Studio Operatons and A & R Administration.  Where does your song stack up as to what has been produced on a major record label?  Do you want solid information on the recording process and how it works? Aaron’s sessions are 40 minutes. $50

Doug Johnson, Black River Entertainment, A& R Director.  Back by popular demand.  Doug’s slots filled completely up and then some at last year’s festival.  If you want to mentor with him you better sign up early.  Doug’s sessions are an hour. $100

Lisa Johnson, Sweet Renegade Music What to get the facts and truth.  Lisa is very connected and very knowledgeable of the music industry. She has an inner sense for what makes a song perfect and what would make a good artist. Lisa’s sessions are for 50 minutes.  $75

Sandy Ramos, The SongTuner.    Thru the SongTuner’s Pitch to Pro Pipeline Sandy learns why some songs are taken and why the other ones didn’t make the cut.  The tips she has to offer regarding the songs you think are ready to pitch will be invaluable to you.  Sandy’s sessions are 40 minutes. $50

Brady Seals, Artist/Songwriter/Producer and member of the legendary Seals family.  Little Texas and Apple Pie lead singer.  Celebrated three consecutive number one hits with “What Might Have Been,” “God Blessed Texas” and “My Love,” all of which Seals co-wrote, granting him the ASCAP “Triple Play Award.” Brady’s sessions are an hour.  $100

Mentoring/Audition Sessions available Thurs-Sat Aug 16-19,  2018.

If you would like to get in line to receive first choice then 2nd, 3rd and so on for the Mentoring/Audition sessions send us an email to smswf@yahoo.com along with your telephone number telling us to put you on the waiting list .  We will advise you by email once the mentoring schedules are set and then you can complete the sign up process.

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Doug Johnson, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg, TN
Doug Johnson
Black River Entertainment
“Three Wooden Crosses”
Randy Travis

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Mike Debills, Gatlinburg, TN
Michael de Bills
Wolfe Valley Productions
Add a Melody to Your Lyrics & Take Home a Work Tape

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Lisa Johnson, Razor & Tie Nashville, Publisher, SMSWF, Gatlinburg, TN
Lisa Johnson
Sweet Renegade Music

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Sandy Ramos, Nashville, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg, TN
Sandy Ramos
The Song Tuner
“Let ‘er Rip”
Dixie Chicks

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Aaron Bowlin A&R Curb Records, Nashville, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg, TN
Aaron Bowlin
Director of Studio Operations and A&R Administration
Curb Records

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Steve Bloch, Song Plugger, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg, TN
Steve Bloch
Demolition Music Publishing
Creative Consultant