2018 SMSWF Song Competition Entry Process

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You will need:

Your lyrics must be in a Word Doc or PDF File for each song you enter. The Document or PDF File is to have only the Title of the Song and Category being entered on the sheet. Do not put your name nor your contact info on the lyrics sheet. If your name is on the lyrics sheet in anyway, your song will be disqualified.

If you do not know how to convert your songs to an MP3, for a charge of $25 per song we will help you get that job done. But you will need to call 865-604-9066 and ask us to converted your song into an MP3 prior to you entering the competition. You will then enter your song once we send you the MP3.

Send your lyrics to smswf@yahoo.com via an uploaded word doc without any contact info (Contact info Name, Email address, phone, city, state needs to be included in the email you send us.)  All we need uploaded is the Lyrics doc with Title and Category along with an MP3.  Please pay for your entries below.

Select First Entry to pay for first song and  Additional Song for additional songs you are adding.  If you are entering several additional songs at one time, you can change the quantity in the Paypal shopping cart to show the total number of additional songs you are adding.   If you do not want to pay on line you can mail a check for the total amount to SMSWF, PO Box 753, Gatlinburg, TN  37738.  Songs will be disqualified if the entry fees are not paid.  

Pay for entries here:

2018 Early Bird Entry Fees