2018 Request a Seat in a Round

Simply send us an email to smswf@yahoo.com requesting a round in the 7th Annual SMSWF along with a web address where we can see you performing and your updated bio and promo pictures. Include one head shot. Performance Rounds are Fri. Aug 18th and Sat. Aug 19th. There will be a few gospel rounds on Sunday.  Please indicate in your email if you would like to be in one of those.  No promises.  We are talking with two other Sunday Morning Breakfast venues to put some gospel rounds at.

If we already have your bio on the SMSWF web-site please verify it is current.  Pay the non-refundable $25 administrative processing fee necessary to submit your request.  Please click on the Paypal button below to pay.

If there are people you prefer to be in a round with or special requests please let us know.  No promises, but we will see what the Scheduler can do to accommodate you.

Singer/Songwriters participating in a 2018 SMSWF Songwriters’ Rounds receive a presence on the SMSWF web-site with bio and promo pic and a link to your on-line presence from the time SMSWF receives the bio and pic until the day the 2019 Round performers are announced.  Your name and picture will also be featured in the 2018 festival program.

Please note a request for a seat doesn’t mean you automatically get a seat.  There is some scrutiny of your public performance capability as stages at the SMSWF showcase you to the public and we must know what we are showcasing is stage ready.   We do not decide this but we have a committee of public listeners who rate your performance and song deciding if they would get up and leave or sit there and watch you perform.  This system keeps the performances on the SMSWF stages a place you would want to be and feel honored and special to get there.  We want  to offer the  best showcases possible that make the public want to come back year after year to hear you.  We want the performances to be so good on the SMSWF stages that the public will invite you to come perform in their hometowns.

DEADLINE for Round Seat Request mid-night Apr. 30, 2018.

Only Your Own Original Music can be performed in a SMSWF Round. 

Tip Jars & Merchandise Sales Welcomed, Promoted and Encouraged!


Any questions please contact us at smswf@yahoo.com or 865-604-9066.

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