2017 Workshop Registration

‘PIG IN THE POKE’ Registration prices are available until all presenters, titles and workshop synopsis are made public.

If you are one of those who know the SMSWF has the greatest workshops ever, you will not want to pass up these Pig in the Poke Prices. A Pig in the Poke Price is when you don’t know too much about what you are getting. Choice of workshop(s) to be determined once the topics and presenters are all in.

SMSWF ‘Pig in the Poke’ Early Bird Workshop Fees:

1 Workshop $45 / 2 Workshops $90 / 3 Workshops $125 / 4 Workshops $155 / 5 Workshops $185 / 6 Workshops $215 / 7 Workshops $245

What we know about the 2017 workshops at this point:    New topics being introduced into the Aug. 16-20, 2017 SMSWF WORKSHOP SERIES include a Gospel/Christian Contemporary workshop “Shining The Light On Gospel Music”with Jeff Silvey, and Jerry Salley. “Writing & Demoing for the POP ROCK & FILM/TV Markets” presented by  Gary Earl, Gary Earl Productions and “The 3 Ps – Pitch, Publishing, & Production” with Frank Green – Skytone Entertainment.  Returning is Sandy Ramos, The Songtuner, with her workshop “Tune Your Hits For The Pitch”.  There are two different Pitch Stop/Song Evaluation Workshops.

Register below for Workshops at the Pig in the Poke great prices.  Once all the workshops are known you will receive an email asking which ones you want to attend and we will invoice you the amount due.  However, you need to sign up if you want the ‘Pig in the Poke’ discounted price.

Any questions please contact us at smswf@yahoo.com or 865-604-9066.

Workshop Registration

Details for 2017 Workshop Registration