MUSIC BY NUMBERS “Down To The Basics”

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This is a down to the basics seminar for everyone looking for knowledge to better understand the workings of lyric and melody. Taught by Michael deBills, author of “MUSIC BY NUMBERS”.  It is useless information for the ‘Know-It-Alls’.

Michael will take you step by step on a journey to teach you the do’s and don’ts in melodys behind your lyrics.

Included in this workshop is instruction on:

How to read and Write Music number charts.
Why it’s important to have a workable Chart.
How number charts work/history.
How to enhance your tune/timing/time signature.
Tricks to the art.
Marrying the melody with the lyrics.

Questions//Answers and will end the session.

Michael has worked in the music business for 50+ years as a session player, arranger, singer, songwriter, publisher, show host, etc.

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