Kendra Nickles

Smoky Mountains Songwriters, Festival, Kendra Nickles , Songwriter, Gatlinburg, TNKendra Nickles is 27 years old and her music has always been a part of her life.  With deep family roots in both country and bluegrass on her mother and
father’s side, music isn’t just a pastime, it is in her blood.

Drums were the first instrument she learned at the age of 3 years old. To
this day her Grandpa still tells the story of when he owned his recording
studio and would have to run Kendra out of the drum room so he could
concentrate on his work.   Kendra later picked up the guitar and began writing
songs at 16. She now performs with her band: Kendra Nickles and Nickles
Road. Kendra try to write songs about everyday things that people of all ages
can relate to whether it is reliving memories of my childhood, finding a
new love, or missing an old flame, etc…

“Things That Will Stay With Me” is about her grandparents on her Mother’s side. They both passed away within 6 months apart of each other(9/18/13 and 3/29/14). Kendra says “I could have written a sad song, but they would not have wanted that. “ So instead she wrote this song to celebrate their life and share with people some of
the memories that she had with them as a child.