Gary Cavanaugh

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Gary Cavanaugh, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg TNListen closely and hear the wonderful story songs of Gary Cavanaugh. Stories from his years in London, living in the Colorado Rockies and settling in Nashville Tennessee Music City USa where he was a staff writer for many years. Gary’s songs paint with words sad, happy , sometimes melancholy portraits of friends, lovers and people he admires. Sometimes deadly serious and sometimes deadly funny. Gary is known as a veteran songwriter and performer throughout Colorado, Tennessee, Florida , Wyoming and  london, England.

Gary is proud to have written songs with number one writers Gerald Smith, Stan Webb. Tony Lane, Don Wayne and noted writers such as CJ Watson, Kimberly Dahme (Member of the rock band Boston), Bill Whyte, Tommy Turner and Marc Alan Barnette. Hightlights of Gary”s Career include performing on the opry Spotlight radio show with Charlie louvin,Don Wayne  and Cj WAtson . The show reached over six million listeners. Regular performances at the Bluebird cafe, Shows at the Douglas corner cafe and a performance at The Ryman (former home of the Grand old opry have made Gary known in Nashville.