Alisha Lynn Sheely

Ashley Sheely

Known for her ability to frame real life into song, Alisha Lynn Sheely’s original music has taken many long ways around to land her in Nashville, Tennessee. Born in the small town of Shiloh, Ohio, and growing up in the outskirts of town soon became Alisha’s fuel for her love of country music.

Alisha began her songwriting career at age 20, when she recorded her first album as artist “Alisha Lynn”, co-writing one of the album cuts. After this, she quietly took some time off to get married and have children, in the meantime, honing her writing and guitar skills. Being a wife, mother and full-time teacher began to inspire much of Alisha’s songwriting so she signed on to make her third original album with producer John Wirtz in Nashville, moving her family and life there as well.

Since moving, Alisha has been recognized as an NSAI Writer to Watch, a candidate for NSAI’s advanced songwriting group and a songwriting instructor for the World Music Project. Alisha continues to craft her songwriting, playing writers rounds with various Nashville hit makers and co-writing with some of the best in the industry including Marty Dodson (Must Be Doin’ Something Right, Everybody Wants to go to Heaven), Adam Wheeler (Clear As Day, A Few Questions) and Amanda Williams (B-E-E-R-R-U-N, I Just Need A Man).