The 3 “P’s” of The Music Industry: Pitch, Publishing, Production

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Songwriter: “I have this great song I wrote… what do I do with it?”

Songwriter Fairy: “Pitch it”!

Songwriter: “Okay…how do I do that?”

Frank Green, one of Nashville’s most experienced and well-respected producers and recording engineers, will be giving a detailed workshop on how to take your song to the next level for those songwriters aspiring to get their song heard. There are certain details songwriters need to have in place to make sure his/her song is “ready-to-pitch”. Frank will be going over the following Three “P’s” necessary to take your song to the next level in the music industry:

1 –P ITCH – How do you know when your song is ready to pitch? How do you pitch a song? How do you handle the multiple feedback opinions you receive from your peers, family, friends and professionals within the industry? What do you do when suggestions are offered to make changes to your song?

2 – PUBLISHING – To establish a relationship with a professional publisher, there are several necessary steps that a songwriter needs to complete before considering any sort of publishing deal. Knowing the basis rules of “Publishing 101” is important. Do publishers take unsolicited material or songs that they do not request from new songwriters? What are the performing rights organizations (BMI, ASCAP and SESAC)? What do these organizations do? How do I become a member?

3 – PRODUCTION – One of the most common questions many songwriters ask is, “Do I need a professional demo before I pitch a song”? As a producer, Frank will go over the essentials of the pros and cons of a full demo versus an acoustic/vocal track. When is it time to get a professional done? What do I, as a songwriter, need to have prepared before we go into the studio? Am I allowed to make changes to my song after the demo is done? How do I schedule a session in a professional studio?

The ultimate goal is to have your song sound the best it can be – then get the right people to hear it – and understand the basic music business “do’s-and-don’t’s”. Remember in the words of The Song Tuner, “Good songs collect dust – Great songs collect royalties”!

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