Tabitha Peek

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Tabitha Peek, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburf, TNAs a young girl in New Johnsonville Tennessee, Tabitha Peek was watching TV with her mom when she happened upon a Janis Joplin concert. Watching the legendary Janis jump around and wail the blues prompted young Tab to ask, “Mom, can we make money doing that?” “Yes”, answered her mom. Correct answer. And so the music business seduced another young talent.
“At Sunday school they were asking us who we would like to be like. Some said Jesus, some said Peter or Moses or the president, I said I wanted to be like Janis Joplin,” laughs the now all grown up artist, “they were not amused.”
Tabitha Peek has come a long way since that Tennessee Riverbank introduction to rock-n-roll, but she remains true to the Janis Joplin spirit of doing her own thing. In fact self-empowerment, having faith in oneself, is often the theme behind Tabitha’s original songwriting.
With an expressive, honeyed voice, she delivers thoughtful, yet powerful messages about issues and ideas that concern her. “Crossfire” tells of the dangers of living in a gun-happy society. “Electric Eye” grapples with the concept of television telling us what to think. Similarly, her “Baby” is a funky Rap about glorification of violence in the media.
“I am a spiritual person,” muses Peek. “I believe you should rise above your flesh and blood and find the power that you’re made of.” Accordingly, one of her compositions is called “Rise Above.”
“I try to say something in all my songs,” she says. Even if it is only to poetically convey the sadness of heartbreak, such as in her tune, “Time and Time again.”
Having grown up in a one radio station town. Tabitha got the chance to listen to a little bit of everything, becoming inspired by the legendary jazz diva Billie Holiday and then getting completely off on Ann and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart. She asked for and was given a guitar (which is now played beautifully, creatively and forcefully) in her early teens and she was off.
Tabitha Peek has been around the musical block a time or three; having played in a garage band at age 16 and an all female Heavy Metal band-Anzel- by 18. That band even did a USO Tour. The Anzel work indirectly led to a Peek back-up vocal credit by major leaguers Krokus.
By age 20, Tabitha was touring with a South Carolina based pop band, and learning all about the big bad crazy music business. She then headed for Dallas, where she formed her first all originals band and began working them. There, after a series of gigs at the Texas State Fair, she gained influential friends, and had club owners asking for her act.
In the early 90s, Tabitha moved to Nashville where she had the opportunity to record an album, “Time Flyz”, with some of Nashville’s best musicians.
Tabitha now lives in Dandridge Tn, where she cares for her elderly parents.
Tabitha Peek is an inspired poet/singer/songwriter/musician that will give an a wonderful evening of music that is vivacious, yet thoughtful; funky yet mellow; jazzy, yet accessible. What she is, is exciting. Catch her!!!
“I have been doing this a long time, and straight up, I feel maturity has made my performance the best it has ever been.”