2018 Song Competition Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions are very important.   These songs are in the top 20% scores.  Congratulations and keep on writing.


I’ve Gone Home – Karen Bowles

Plastic Millionaire – Terry Robbins

Nobody Famous – Mike Swartzentruber

Raindrops – Roger Vines

You Wrote Your Name On Me – Scott Parker

I’m Ready – Mike Swartzentruber

Blind Man – Darrell Jackson


Forever Goodbye – Scott Miller

In This Dirt – Jeffery McClellan

Sad Songs & Cigarettes – Mitch Townley

Between the Bible and the Bottle – Chris Garner

Girl In A Sumer Song 0 Mitch Townley

What Goes Around – Fish Fisher

Lower The Bar – Fish Fisher

Broke On You – Mitch Townley

Perfect Imperfections – Bobby Simpson

A Million Days – Bobby Simpson

Start Living Again – Fish Fisher

On My Daddy’s Shoulders – Molly Jeanne

Guy That Gets You – Fish Fisher

The Moments You Come Back To Me – Bruce Carpenter

Can’t Put You Down – Scott Miller

I Wanna Feel Again – Fish Fisher

Last –  Fish Fisher

Out of Rain – Michael Hamby


The Tortoise and The Hare Molly Jeanne

A Little Weirdness John McGee

Hard Hard Times Mike Ryan

Strong Armed Robbery Fish Fisher

Flowers Curt Wolfe

Darkness Falls Mike Ryan

Someone Like Me Mike Ryan

Left Behind Mike Ryan

Gospel/Contemporary Christian/Inspirational :

Pray For Another Day – Fish Fisher

Please See Me – Shawn Jones

Only Love – Dan Curry

Call Me Love – Jeffery McClellan

Shimmer – Michael Hamby

Shine Your Light – Nancy Owen

Bless Your Soul – Kevin Hale

Hope of the World – Freddie Lee


Sidetracked – Molly Jeanne

What Do You Know – Curt Wolfe

Come Over – Fish Fisher

Pizpiereta – Alex Aldama

Old Rag Blues – Fish Fisher

8 Lives to Spare – Mary Munsey

That’s What A Man Can Do – Nancy Owen

Heaven Can’t Help You – Jane Fallon

The Arms of a Love Song – John Carroll

Lyrics Only:

Rocky Ate The Papers – Alan Maki

Is This Seat Taken – Bruce Carpenter

Far From Good – Bruce Carpenter

These Memories Ain’t For Sale – Molly Jeanne

Good Enough For Me – Molly Jeanne

On My Daddy’s Shoulders – Molly Jeanne

Pistols Knives and Needles – Greg Anderson


I’m Gonna Wake You Up – Jack Boucher

Livin’ in a Dream World – Molly Jeanne

Gimme – Erin Ott

Me & The Man In The Moon – Fish Fisher

Be Good To Yourself – Scott Parker

Stunner – Fish Fisher


Me Without You – Scott Miller

Breakout – Dan Curry

I Owe You – Jeffrey McClellan

Now – Scott Miller