2017 Song Competition Honorable Mentions

Congratulations to the 2017 SMSWF Song Competitioin Honorable Mentions.  Great job guys.  There were so many wonderful songs.   Very competitive.

2017 Song Competition HONORABLE MENTIONS
Kneel Liz Mintus Middletown OH
I Still Believe Alan Maki Tecumseh MI
Diet Coke and Mystery Novels Jane Fallon Brookline NH
Harley’s Angel Roger Vines Rockford AL
Let Him Finish Task Today Barbra Faircloth Orlando FL
Northern Cities Greg Anderson Seymour TN
Long Line of Dreamers Molly Jeanne Poughkeepsie NY
Spinnin’ Molly Jeanne Poughkeepsie NY
The Story of Life Mike Swartentruber Centerburg OH
No More Rain Jeff McClellan Hurricane WV
Gray and Blue Jeff McClellan Hurricane WV
Daddy’s Can Be Hard To Understand Mike Swartentruber Centerburg OH
Sad Songs and Cigarettes Mitch Townley Knoxville TN
The Way Things Used to Be Ramona Schwalbach Columbus OH
Stop Scott Miller Washington DC
Beer Can Bruce Miller Springfield TN
She Don’t Go Down That Easy James Gregory Columbia TN
I Wanna Feel Again Fish Fisher Toledo OH
Start Living Again Fish Fisher Toledo OH
Water Into Wine Anthony Caudill Waynesburg KY
Saving The World With A Song Barbra Faircloth Orlando FL
Behind Bars Joe Hash Nashville TN
It’s All Comin Down Davis Travis Durham NC
The Things That Matter Most Mike Swartzentruber Centerburg OH
Lorelei Molly Jeanne Freer Poughkeepsie NY
Old School Old Soul Molly Jeanne Freer Poughkeepsie NY
Young At Heart Scott Miller Washington DC
Gunpowder and Gasoline Fish Fisher Toledo OH
This Cage Will Set You Free Fish Fisher Toledo OH
I’ll See You Soon Sparrow Fulford Maryville TN
Dance With Me Erin Ott Knoxville TN
Kid In A Candy Shop Molly Jeanne Freer Poughkeepsie NY
God’s Carrying Me Scott Miller Washington DC
That’s Where Love Comes In Bruce Miller Springfield TN
Warrior Mother April Estes Knoxville TN
For Your Glory Jack Boucher Nashville TN
How Can I Not Believe Scott Parker Oliver Springs TN
Touch A Miracle Scott Parker Oliver Springs TN
Smokey Mountain Strong Freddy Lee Warren OH
Come Over Fish Fisher Toledo OH
Through The Storm Dave Travis Durham NC
Lost Tomorrows Dave Travis Durham NC
Rosey Colored Glasses Mack Harrell Boca Raton FL
Cowboys April Estes Knoxvile TN
Too Rough To Shine Matt Marsh Twin Falls ID
I Wanna Be There Jack Boucher White Creek TN
The Needle on Vinyl Molly Jeanne Poughkeepsie NY
Survive The Fight (Oxycontin Song) Molly Jeanne Poughkeepsie NY