2017 SMSWF Song Competition Finalists

Grand Prize Winner ($500), Listener’s Choice and 1st ($125), 2nd ($100) & 3rd ($75) Place Category Winners will be chosen from the following genre Categories: Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Jazz/Blues, Pop, Rock and Gospel/Christain Contemporary/Inspirational.

Any song (even if, it has already been entered into a genre category) can be entered into the Lyrics Only Competition.   Prizes in Lyrics Only Category are 1st Place $200, 2nd Place $125, 3rd Place $75.

The 2017 SMSWF Song Competition Finale and Awards Show was held at noon on Saturday, Aug. 19th  at Dick’s Last Resort .   The Finalists performing are listed below.

2017 SMSWF Song Competition Finalists
Holding His Memories Alan Maki Tecumseh MI
The Needle on The Vinyl Molly Jeanne Poughkeepsie NY
Two of Everything Molly Jeanne Poughkeepsie NY
Two of Everything Molly Jeanne Poughkeepsie NY
Family of Trees Matt Marsh Twin Falls ID
Are There Hillbilly Bands in Heaven Kevin Hale Brentwood TN
Game Changer Scott Miller Washington DC
Shape Of A Man Anne Hunley Trisler Knoxville TN
Long Live The Country Man Anne Hunley Trisler Knoxville TN
The Wall Song Mitch Townley Knoxville TN
If Love Was a House Mitch Townley Knoxville TN
Fifty-Year Overnight Success Jeff McClellan Hurricane WV
Redeemed By The Scars Scott Parker Oliver Springs TN
I Go High Molly Jeanne Poughkeepsie NY
Cussin’ and Prayin’ Fish Fisher Toledo OH
Money’s Gone Blues Jane Fallon Berkinshire NH
Spinnin’ Molly Jeanne Poughkeepsie NY
Come Over Fish Fisher Toledo OH
Ever Notice Mitch Townley Knoxville TN
Sophia’s Song Taylor Gayle Nashville TN
Bring It Bruce Michael Miller Springfield TN
Envy the Enemy Fish Fisher Toledo OH
Sad Girl Serenade Fish Fisher Toledo OH
Dogs of War Fish Fisher Toledo OH