2016 Song Competition Winners

Announcing this year’s Grand Prize Winner:

“I’m Gonna Save You” a gospel/inspirational song written by Bruce Michael Miller won the 2016 SMSWF Song Competition at the Edgewater Hotel in Gatlinburg, TN during the 5th Annual Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival.

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There were 355 songs entered into the 2016 SMSWF Song Competition.  There were many, many great songs.  You had to be in the top 25% to receive an honorable mention or make it to the finals.  All the Finalists were in the top 8%.  Definitely a great competition.  Everyone that entered is a WINNER because another great song was born in the world.  Congratulations!

1st Place Category Winners

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Song Competition, SMSWF, Gatlinburg, TNL-R Sol Knopf, Symrna, DE Folk “My Baby Girl”; Bruce Michael Montgomery, Nashville, TN Gospel/Inspirational “I’m Gonna Save You”; Lucy Rose George, Kingsport, TN Pop “Just Saying”; Molly Jeanne, Poughkeepsie, NY Jazz/Blues “Made You Look”; Pamela Lack, Nashville, TN Country “Screen Door”;  Scott Parker, Oliver Springs, TN; Rock “When I Breathe”; Doug Smith, LaVergne, TN Bluegrass “He Will Lead You Home”,

This year’s Listener’s Choice Winner was Doug Smith “He Will Lead You Home.”  The Listener’s Choice Winner won $250 Cash and a Johnson Guitar provided by Ciderville Music Store on Clinton Hwy. Powell, TN.

Lyrics Only Category:  1st Place “Almost Missed It” Cyndee Gray Harr;  2nd Place “Pushing 50” Roger Vines; and 3rd Place “I Didn’t Come This Far” Mark Stepakoff.

Bluegrass Category:  1st Place “He Will Lead You Home” Doug Smith; 2nd Place “I Am Finally Going Home” Kevin Hale;  3rd Place “The Chattanooga Train” Edward Brown.

Country Category:  1st Place “Screen Door” Pamela Lack;  2nd Place “Zero To Hillbilly” and 3rd Place “Summer High” Scott Miller.

Folk Category: 1st Place “My Baby Girl” Sol Knopf, 2nd Place “Gunpowder & Gasoline” and 3rd Place “Leaving Each Other (For The Rest Of Our Lives)” Fish Fisher

Gospel/Inspirational: 1st Place “I’m Gonna Save You” Bruce Michael Miller; 2nd Place “Love Wins” Joe Hash; 3rd Place “This Side Of Sunday” Scott Parker.

Jazz/Blues: 1st Place “Made You Look” Molly Jeanne; 2nd Place “The One” Fish Fisher, 3rd Place “You Know I Love It” April Estes.

Pop: 1st Place “Just Saying” Lucy George; 2nd Place “Boomerang” April Estes; 3rd Place “Carving Water” Fish Fisher.

Rock:  1st Place “When I Breathe” Scott Parker.  2nd & 3rd Place were disqualified because tracts were use for the performance.

Congratulations on a well written song!

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Ciderville Music Store for the guitar won by the Listener’s Choice Winner.

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