How To Write Better Songs And Get Them Cut

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Presented by:  Max T. Barnes

This unique seminar is based entirely on the real life Music Row experience of a hit writer who is the son of a hit writer. Two generations of cuts, hits, practical application and wisdom are at your disposal.

Anyone who writes songs, poems or music as well as singers and musicians will benefit from The Max T Barnes Songwriting Seminar. Max T.  brings you answers to the obvious questions everyone wants answers to. “How do I write better songs?” And the big one – “How do I get them cut?”

As a journeyman songwriter, studio and touring musician, record producer and Music Row studio owner, Max T. has advice to share from the inside at the top level in Nashville.  He spent nearly 30 years as a staff writer for Tree (Sony), Warner Brothers, Polygram, MCA, Island Bound (Paramount), CURB, Carlin America, and Ray Stevens Publishing. With 9 #1’s and hits in Nashville, and dozens of album cuts and movie credits, Max T Barnes is in a unique position to share with you the tips, tricks and carreer advice that was a huge part of his success.

Max T. grew up learning from his Hall Of Fame father Max D. Barnes. The legendary Max D. Barnes wrote two CMA songs of the year  (“look At Us” by Vince Gill and “Chiseled In Stone”) He penned 24 #1’s and hits and had well over 400 major cuts. The father and son team collaberated on several hits together for artists like Vern Gosdin, George Jones and John Anderson to name a few.  They have even competed against each other. for CMA Song Of The Year. Max T. wrote, “Love Me” for Collin Raye but Max D. won with “Look at Us”. marking the first and only time a father and son competed against each other at the CMA’

There is a lot of Q&A at the seminar. There is also a lot of interaction. it’s not one of those stuffy events where someone talks above you. Max T. ‘s event is a very relaxed atmosphere where everyone is made to feel comfortable no matter what level your’re walking in on. You will come away from this seminar encouraged, enlightened, and inspired.

So don’t miss this truly unique opportunity to hear how to write better songs and get them cut by someone who has done it at the pro level again and again.

“I believe that you are already writing better songs than even you think!  But you are most likely doing a couple of things wrong that are holding you back. It is my passion to spread this information to those who seek it, and to encourage those who get it!” – Max T Barnes

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