Vickie Raye

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Vickie Raye, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg TNA story of gumption, struggle, love, and loss.  Unapologetic but empathetic, strong but emotional. Vickie Raye is a paradox and a voice for women everywhere. Unafraid to express every raw honest emotional feeling a woman can experience. Her songs are penned from a place of honesty and humility; Her vocal prowess is the direct expression of that heartfelt raw emotion.  Every word has been carefully selected, and the effect of every vocal melody painstakingly considered. In many ways, she is bigger than life, willing to say the things so many have trouble finding the words to say; That moment in a heartache that merely wants to be avoided or the moment in love and joy that wants to be relived. Despite this, Raye somehow maintains an approachability to be envied.

Raye hit her stride as a songwriter in 2012 when her song Leaning On The Grace of Godwas awarded Top 10 honors during the CMT/NSAI Song Contest.  Face(Written and Performed by Raye herself) reached Top 100 on the Music Row radio chart. Raye has had numerous independent cuts, the release of a duet she penned entitled  Like I DO”  was recorded by independent artist of the year Erica Nicole** and the legendary Jamie ONeal. The song premiered and was highlighted at a CRS Showcase 2015 in Nashville TN to overwhelming radio reviews; the music video launched in April 2015. Most recently Lead Meis in the final possible single release list on Sony Red Bluegrass Artist Billy Droze and the album For Your Considerationalmost made it onto the final 2018 Grammy Nominee List.

As a singer, she is of another dimension. Soaring tone, delicately delivering one line and powerfully delivering the next; capable of making a person weep. Many have wondered how such an powerhouse manages to spend so many years just below the radarof attention. Not many have the ability to emote a song with the authority she can. Voices like hers are reminiscent of the legendary divas weve grown so much to love in the past but whom are nearly nonexistent today. In no way a cookie cutter, her presence is commanding and her delivery will bring you to your knees. She is daring, unafraid to do things a little differently; Remaining true to who she is as a songwriter and a true artist. She embraces the diverse musical influences that have inspired her for years. Combining blues, rock, folk, pop and country music together creating something that stands alone. Shes a seasoned performer not only as an individual solo artist but also as a back up vocalist for many artists today.

My dream has always been to sing no matter how many times Ive tried to convince myself that itd be easier to step away. It is something I refuse to deny anymore. I think I have a story to tell, not just my own story but the stories of women, real women. Stories of fragility and strength, struggle and triumph. I wouldnt be authentic if I wasnt doing that. This new project will be strong, emotional, fun, deep and maybe even a little crazyquintessentially womanly. It feels fresh, soulful but most importantly honest. In many ways its who people have always known Vickie Rayeto be but not everyone has been lucky enough to see. I believe in myself MORE now than ever. I know that Im stronger than I have ever been. In the meantime, Ill keep dreaming of standing on stage performing at the Grammys.