Rickie Don Pickering

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Rickie Don Pickering, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg, TNI’m nobody from nowhere doing nothing and trying to sell it. That’s right, I’m a songwriter. I grew up on Dallas AM radio KLIF 1190 rock n roll. My Mother listened to it when we drove cause that’s the only radio we had. The floor board of that 55 Ford Fairlane 500 glowed orange at night from the tubes. When I was a kid I always asked for a guitar for Christmas but never got one but I was lucky enough to get to know Scotty McKay and he gave me my first guitar when I was 20. I taught myself to play with song books. Started writing when I was 22. Here I am now 40+ years later with more time on my hands and I still love it. I now live in Gallatin Tennessee which is close to Nashville. I have been a member of the music community here for over 30 years and have met a lot of artists and musicians and most are songwriters at heart.