Raquel Telfer






Vivacious singer/songwriter Raquel Telfer makes free-spirited music with clever lyrics, catchy melodies and deep grooves. Her handcrafted tunes vibrate with elements of southern roots music, folk, pop and country, celebrating strong-willed female storytellers who have inspired her, like Taylor Swift, Kacey Musgraves and Brandy Clark. A connected and authentic performer with an easily characterized, soul-baring voice, Raquel’s live show resonates with the same energy that rolls through her dynamic recordings. Her straight-talking, quirky songs overflow with homegrown vibes that tell vivid tales of heartbreak, self-discovery, evolution, love and hope and invite listeners to walk alongside her on her own journey.

Her recent single, “Where Fallen Angels Fly” is an introspective, bittersweet track that highlights Raquel’s angelic vocals, craftiness as a wordsmith and ability to write a classic country song with a contemporary twist. With resonant guitar, strings and a memorable melody, the song tackles universal themes surrounding the human experience and offers some insight into her life experiences.

Hailing from the Midwest, Raquel has been connected with the magic of music since childhood.  She was influenced by her parents’ love of music, which exposed her to everything from folk and country, to disco and classic rock n roll. She felt an early kinship to sentimental singers and songwriters who put their heart into every word and note and saw music as a way to express genuine feeling. Raquel started playing the piano at age six, and continued to learn new instruments throughout her high school years. As an unabashed country girl, she also drove tractors, baled hay, trained horses, drove trucks and enjoyed her reign as a rodeo queen, so she was naturally drawn to the message of country music. It was during her college years in Omaha, Nebraska, that she picked up guitar as a way to find peace and to guide her through the challenges afflicting her at the time.  She fell fast in love with its ability to help her sing out her innermost truths. Within a few months, songs began to pour out of her. In 2016, seven years of steady songwriting later, she recorded her first EP, … But It Helps in Nashville, featuring songs she co-wrote.

Alongside writing tunes for and by herself, Raquel has also found joy in co-writing and collaborating with artist. While she was based in Omaha, she co-wrote with many other up-and-coming singer/songwriters as she was developing her craft and also wrote a number of songs for her own sister, a singer, who went on to record and release them in Nashville. She also had the opportunity to write songs with a young artist, McKenzie Jalynn. These songs became a part of Jalynn’s debut album, which was produced by Kent Wells (Dolly Parton).

With her feet planted firmly in Nashville as a self-proclaimed “granola,” Raquel is currently hard at work the first full-length album, jam packed with songs inspired by her life experiences. The album will release in late-2018 and cover fresh territory, borrowing sounds from tribal music, roots, rock n roll, alt country and more. The currently untitled collection illuminates how she has evolved as a woman and an artist.

Her single “Where Fallen Angels Fly” was released in January 2018, alongside a music video.