Patrick Pileggi

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Patrick Pileggi, Bourbon Barrel Productions, Songwriter, Gatlinburg, TNPatrick Pileggi started his love for music early in life. Music was a part of his life as soon as he was born. His father and uncles were in several doo-wop groups and still are to this day. Being raised Italian American and having grandfathers who both played instruments was a blessing to say the least. His grandfather Joe Pileggi played the mandolin and was a key player in keeping Italian music alive in New York and Ohio. On the other side was Grandpa Barbato who loved his country music as well. Patrick grew up with music by Johnny Cash, Jennings, Robbins, Presley and all the early country and gospel greats. Along with Enrico Caruso and many Italian singers. At the age of nine, Patrick picked up the guitar & started rockin to all the country and rock greats from the 60’s to present. His love of music is not limited to one sound!

Patrick was heavily influenced by cousin John Elefante. Lead vocalist for Kansas and music credits to long to list. Patrick always enjoyed recording at John’s former studio, “The Sound Kitchen in Franklin, Tn.

Patrick also plays with his band “Walkers Cross”. Who has shared the stage with Grand Funk, Edgar Winters, Warrant, BTO and many other country artist at various venues.

Over the years in Northeast Ohio. Patrick has written several hundred songs and has sold, on his own over, 20,000 CD’s. He currently is scheduled to start his next project with close friend and legendary drummer, Joe Vitale. Joe plays drums and keys in Patricks band and will produce the next project. Joe has recorded and toured with The Eagles, Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Ted Nugent, Neil Young, Buffalo Springfield and countless others.

Patrick is currently branching out into other areas in hopes of getting a writer or record deal. “I love music so much! It truly brings people of all backgrounds together”.