Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, P-E-Z, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg TNP-E-Z  aka (Paul Edward Zukowski) was born and raised in deep south part of New England.
He got large doses classic country music thanks his parents love Hank Williams,
Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Charlie Pride and Merle Haggard
His first cut was “Hey Little Lady” by David Kaye in 1998.
He then began exploring being a singer-songwriter as a solo artist.
In 2008 he appeared at Marion Country Music in South Carolina as a local down card act to 
headliners Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hank Jr.
In 2010, his song “Pinup” was entered in Ovation Guitars Hometown Hero’s Program.
It went on to became the most viewed video on Ovation Guitars youtube channel for 3 1/2 years.
It has over 66,000 views world wide. 
He first came to Nashville in 2013 and quickly was nominated for Song of the Year, 
“Aint No Train Nashville” and Songwriter of the Year, at the 2014 Nashville Universe Awards.
He was one of the 5 finalist for Songwriter of the Year.
He  moved to Nashville in May of 2014 after an arsonist set fire to his condo in Hartford, Ct. 
Yes,  there is a song about that “The Best Worst Thing (That Ever Happened to me)” co-written
with Randy Finchum and Jason Adams.
He has become known for innovative, yet tradition sounding country story songs. Many of which are often humorous, such as 
“If You Ain’t Though of Murder (you ain’t been on love) “.  
He been as high as number 6, on Reverbnation Global Country Chart in late 2014 to early 2015.
He also appeared on  Around the World Songwriting with Selena Viktoria, 
and Nashville Night show hosted by Randy Finchum, The Midnight Madness Show on WFMCJams.com 
Currently he regularly plays in songwriters rounds around Nashville at places 
like The Commodore Grille, Bobby Idle Hour, Back Ally Diner, Hotel Preston, Skully’s etc.

He also worked as background actor in season 3, 4, 5 and 6 of “Nashville” and season 1 of “Still the King”
He also gained notoriety for inventing #Nashrewind after ABC canceled “Nashville”.
June 1st of 2016 the cast and fans of the show known as #Nashies, live tweeted the 4 year old pilot episode, as if it was being shown on live TV. 
Really it was being watched it on Hulu.
#Nashrewind  trended above CMA Fest and Stanley Cup Final 18 hours world wide. 
@pez1963 had over 2.3 million twitter impression that month.
The event was reported on by the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper. 
“Nashville” was picked up by CMT for season 5, nine days later.