Nita Graves

Nita Graves Sevierville, TN


Nita Graves is a professional songwriter from Nashville, TN and has been recently been offered the position as A&R Representative at Skytone Records in Nashville, TN.  Nita’s first recorded cuts and single releases were with Sims Records out of Nashville in November, 2012.  Since then, Nita has had 34 cuts by 17 different artists.  Nita has had songs published by English Music Publishing, BMI; Miranda May Music, BMI and Lovingood Publishing, BMI. Nita was a judge in the North American Country Music Association International. (NACMAI)  finals in Pigeon Forge, TN in March, 2014 and in the artist Singing Competition at Dawg Patch in Maryville, TN. 

Nita’s father, J. R. Miller, was a head writer for the television show Hee Haw, allowing Nita to grow up “behind the scenes” at the Grand Ol’ Opry during the Hee Haw era. Nita is a member of Nashville Songwriter’s Association, and was voted as a top performing finalist in the Spring Training Seminar for Tin Pan South 2016. Nita has been voted to the Board of Directors for the Knoxville Songwriter’s Association, has co-hosted the weekly radio show on WLIL 730AM with her husband Tedd Graves and is on the planning committee for The Smoky Mountain Songwriter’s Festival.   

Nita Graves is now half of the new co-writing duo “Green and Graves” and is a songwriter for Skytone Records in Nashville, TN.  Nita is actively writing and recording songs today! It all begins with a song!