Nikki Shae

Very few singers have that unique sound that sets them apart from the rest. Nikki Shae is one of those artists. She’s got a sound so distinctively her own.

Nikki Faukovic, Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, SMSWF, 3rd Annual SMSWF Stage Spots, Gatlinburg, TN

From a small town just north of Toronto, Canada, Nikki grew up on a horse farm where her family raced thoroughbred horses for a living. She’s a natural country girl. When she was only 3 years old, Nikki started singing when her mother noticed something very different in her voice. She didn’t sound like most little girls her age, so her mother signed her up for singing lessons. At first Nikki was practicing scales and singing basic classical tunes. However, even then she knew she wanted something more. Nikki wanted to sing radio hits.

Some of Nikki’s influences include Miranda Lambert, Jennifer Nettles, and Sara Evans just to name a few.

Nikki has been writing songs since the age of eleven. She has always found that writing lyrics and melodies came easily to her. The process of creating a song from start to finish is one that always has, and still exhilarates her. Nikki has written many songs that are just waiting to come alive.

After high school Nikki chose to study Entertainment Management at a private school in Toronto to gain a thorough understanding of the music business and to ensure she was armed to succeed in it. She graduated with top honors and was able to make some great connections.

Nikki’s breakthrough came when she entered an Idol competition in hopes to win money for recording. She decided to stick with her roots and sing a Country song; Shania Twain’s “Up”. Nikki had been told for years that her voice and the way she writes from her heart suited Country music best. Her performance that night was phenomenal and the audience ate it up! Nikki knew without a doubt that this was the music she was meant to sing and she loves it!

Nikki fell in love with Nashville at first sight and so later that same year, she packed up her car and moved there for good. “In the short time I have lived in Nashville, I have just grown so much as an Artist….that kind of experience is invaluable and I feel so blessed to be here.” It’s clear that Music City, USA is where Nikki was meant to be.

She is currently working on a brand new EP with Famed producer, Kent Wells.