Lalita Skogfalt

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Lalita Skogfalt, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg TNAmelia Lalita Skogfält is a Swedish-Indian singer-songwriter. She was born in India, adopted to Sweden at the age of two. Neither her mom or dad participated in any musical activity but has always supported her choice of career.

She started playing the Violin when she was five years old and later added on singing, guitar and piano.

Miley Cyrus in the Tv-Show Hannah Montana has been a big influence on her and her life. She loved the way Miley Cyrus acted and brought the roll forward. Like many other girls she started wishing for a life where she was an artist during the night and a regular girl during the day.
She started writing songs at the age of thirteen, and has been in various radio competitions.

Sweden is one of the largest contributors in the music industry, with artist like ABBA and Roxette, producers like Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson. However the leading genre in Sweden is pop and house music whereas Amelia has always like that kind of music but never felt fully connected to it. When she was sixteen she came across a song by Zac Brown Band named Chicken Fried, she started investigating the country genre more and more and realised her heart belongs to Country Music.

She attended school at Academy of Music and Business which was founded and started by Andreas Carlsson alongside with Magnus Lundin.

At age of nineteen she applied for Swedish idol. She played David Frizzels Youre the Reason God Made Oklahoma.The jury told her to go to Nashville, she did. This will be her third time in Nashville and she hopes that one day she is here to stay. She is the first European to attend the Smokey Mountains Songwriters-Festival and in a way one of very few Asians.