Joe Beeler

Joe Beeler wrote his first song at 15. He played his first concert and released his first CD at 40. In the 25 years in between, he simply lived life. In those 25 years, Joe has created a repertoire of songs that tell the stories of not only his friends and family, but also those of people from all different times, places and circumstances. In the tradition of such artists as Tom Russell, John McCutcheon and Bill Morrissey, Joe’s first-person narrative songs peer into the joys, despairs and every-day lives of coal miners, factory workers, farmers, soldiers, businessmen and others from all walks of life and all periods of history. Joe earned a degree in agriculture at the University of Tennessee and then took a job there as researcher. He’s been married to his wife Jenny for 16 years and they live in Joe’s hometown of Plainview outside of Knoxville.