Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Karen Reynolds, songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg, TNDo you enter your songs in songwriting competitions and never win?

Is your song right for the category you chose to enter it in?  Is the demo clear enough so that the judges can understand the melody and lyrics?  What will ‘catch’ a judge’s ear and earn you points?  What difference does it make how the lyrics are presented and why?

This workshop will help guide you through the criteria that judges are looking for before you spend the money to enter. Attendees are welcome to bring songs for ‘on the spot’ suggestions and critiques, time permitting.

The tips and info Karen will provide can be applied to songwriting competitions, submitting to festivals and to publishers.  While Reynolds will focus on what knocks your songs out of the running when lyrics are submitted for a competition, what you learn in this workshop can work across the board when presenting your songs to the pros in the industry.

Karen handled the judging of the first two song competitions for the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival.  Reynolds is one of the most knowledgeable judges and really knows the craft of songwriting.  She can definitely teach you what to do and not to do, and what the judges or critics are looking for when submitting your songs.

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