Edd Saxon

Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Edd Saxon, Songwriter, SMSWF, Gatlinburg TNBorn and raised in Tallapoosa, GA, Edd comes from a long line of musicians and singers and music was always a very important part of life growing up.  With older brothers and a sister at home, there was always music coming out of every room in the house from a wide variety of genres.  Edd was influenced by classic rock and roll from his siblings and classic country from his parents, and even some classical music coming from the family piano as one of his older brothers practiced and studied to become a classical piano performer.

As a teenager Edd took a few guitar lessons but was soon pressed into service in a friend’s rock band as the bassist and part time singer.  After a stint in the band, school, work, family, and starting and operating a business took precedence over music.  After many life changes, a career change, and about twenty years, music found Edd again after a student got up in front of a class he was teaching and belted out a heartfelt cover of “Mama Tried”.  Edd was once again bitten by the music bug.  He bought a guitar off the internet and was soon learning to cover country songs.  As soon as he had enough material for a couple of set lists, he was out performing regular gigs.  As is the case with many songwriters, Edd did not set out to become a songwriter, it just seemed to be something he couldn’t help but do as material came to him and he began to write down everything that crossed his mind that sounded like it should be in a song. Edd continues to play local gigs and makes regular trips to Nashville to play in songwriters rounds at every opportunity.