A Weekend For Musicians & Lyricists ‘Mixing Words With Music’

Aug. 26-28, 2016 at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort during the 5th Annual Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival.  Click Here to Register for Weekend.

Songs were born in the Appalachian Mountains when ballads and poems were put to music.

The SMSWF is establishing this ‘annual weekend get together’ so musicians who mainly write melodies on their instruments can meet and work with lyricists who do not play an instrument.

Also included in this Weekend for Musicians and Lyricists is a two hour workshop called “Inspired Beginnings In Songwriting” presented by Alisha Hamilton and her daughter Emi-Sunshine Sat. morning 10 AM to Noon Aug. 27th.   Emi-Sunshine creates the music and sings while her mother Alisha Hamilton writes the lyrics.

Any musician who does not write lyrics or any lyricist who cannot compose melodies without using tracts can register.

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$75 Registration Fee for the 3 day SMSWF prosody weekend (includes a seat in the “Inspired Beginnings In Songwriting” workshop and a lodging code for a very special rate at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort during the SMSWF ‘Mixing Words With The Music’ Weekend for Musicians and Lyricists”.

$50 “Inspired Beginnings In Songwriting” Workshop Only Registration Fee (Workshop only does not include special lodging code)

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Musicians and Lyricists who sign up for this weekend will receive a special lodging code when there registration fee is paid.   As an attendee at this prosody weekend you get an $84 plus tax per night room rate at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort.  (Regular Rate during this time is $209 plus tax per night). 

You will be given a verification pass to turn in to the front desk sometime during the weekend stating that you indeed participated in the ‘Mixing Music With Words’ Weekend for Musicians and Lyricists hosted by the SMSWF and are entitled to this special rate at check out.  If the front desk does not get your verification pass your room will be charged at the regular rate upon checking out.  (This is necessary to protect the rooms we have set aside for those of you attending the Weekend for Musicians and Lyricists and Dollywood from someone using this as a way to stay at DreamMore for a rate they are not entitled to.)

“We want to provide an environment at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort for prosody to take place each August during the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival,” said Cyndy Montgomry Reeves, Festival Director and Founder. “A prosody occurs when the music marries the words and a song is born,” Reeves explained.

There are songwriters who have written some great songs who do not sing nor play an instrument. There are musicians who compose melodies but cannot write lyrics to their melody. There are also those singer songwriters who cannot write melodies that use tracts for the lyrics they compose. Wouldn’t it be great if these musicians could meet lyricists and lyricists meet musicians that they could have chemistry with? The SMSWF is creating an annual weekend where musicians and lyricists get together to complete songs in their creative spirits.

“We want to bring the two together so that they can begin a journey writing songs that without each other the song might not have existed, explains Michael deBills, the SMSWF committee member coordinating this weekend. “Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort is the perfect setting for this type of event,” added deBills

For more information contact us at smswf@yahoo.com or 865-604-9066.

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