Carl Solomon

Carl SolomonThere has always been music and stories in his head. Music has been a deep and powerful part of his life. Carl’s father died at a very young age. Growing up, Carl would listen to his father’s record collection. The favorite was Aaron Copeland. .Carl heard stories in those melodies. His family told him lots of stories of his father’s acting and musical talents. Music is an important part of his bonding with his father.

Carl was finding a musical voice, He picked up the guitar after high school, and has not put it down since . After playing in bands and covering others peoples tunes, it was time to start playing his own songs.

Carl crafts songs from his journey through life, from carnival barker to counselor to songwriter. Carl creates portraits of characters, real or imagined. Carl listens to the stories that people share and borrows. He paints with strings instead of brushes, creating images that come to life. His use of language, recollections and humor reflects the diverse facets of the human experience which, when quilted together, form a collection of songs you won’t soon forget.