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Allie Chipken

Allie Chipkin is a Poughkeepsie based singer-songwriter who recently graduated from Skidmore College.  Across the years, Allie has dabbled in clarinet, guitar, piano, ukulele, and voice study, only recently finding the bravery to write creatively on her instruments.  During her Senior year at Skidmore, Allie nixed the idea of a traditional thesis  and proposed her own Songwriting Project to meet her English major qualifications.  She wrote her first album, Honey & Knives, as a result of this project under the guidance of Professor Marc Woodworth.

Marc encouraged Allie to soak in all she could from great female songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Sara Bareilles, Ani DiFranco, and Patti Smith, and to write songs inspired by each of their unique strengths.  Using what she had learned from the greats, Allie started to access the nuances of her own voice and words.  She released Honey & Knives (as well as an accompanying songwriting memoir) in April of 2014 with the help of her producer and close friend, Kevin O’Connell.

A true Gemini, Allie thrives off of change, and cannot wait to take her next big career step.  Since the release of her album, she has been gigging around Poughkeepsie and NYC, but looks forward to living in Brooklyn or Boston this fall.  Follow Allie’s journey and receive updates on her upcoming shows/releases at  If you like what you hear, please support by buying the album under the “music” tab on this site, off of iTunes, or from  Allie’s songs can also be heard at  Thanks!