Amy Lynn

AmyBlack2016Amy Lynn was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but calls Knoxville, Tennessee her hometown. She has lived in Knoxville most of her life and now resides in Seymour, Tennessee with her husband (Michael) and two children (Jadyn and Logan).
Amy Lynn began singing in church at the young age of three, and started taking piano lessons at age 7, however, her journey into becoming a singer-songwriter did not begin until May 2013. Following the loss of a child, Lynn and her husband took a last minute weekend trip to Nashville for a change of environment. They decided to make an impromptu stop at the Grand Ole Opry for a guided tour and as Amy Lynn stood on that sacred stage, she was overcome with deep emotion. Suddenly she realized, for twenty-nine years, she had been living everyone else’s dream for her life.  That day began a new journey for Lynn and she set out to be a dreamer. No limits, and no turning back. She began to ask herself “what is my story? what do I have to give to the world around me? how can I help others heal?” She returned home and began writing songs and preparing to publicly perform outside of church for the first time.
Her first concert was held at Remedy Coffee’s Backroom in Knoxville’s Old City on July 31, 2015 and Lynn performed to a sold out crowd of 200. It quickly became apparent that although Amy Lynn has a quiet and reserved demeanor, her approach to music is bold, different, fresh and alive. There is an undeniable piece of Lynn in each of her songs, and during her performances, caught up in that musical story, many are moved to tears. Her strong vocals are a treat to listen to, but Amy Lynn’s biggest strength is her storytelling. She has her audience captivated by her stories both in her songs and in between. Sharing her experiences, Amy Lynn’s heartfelt songs are made all the more interesting because there is no acting or pretending in what she does. She has lived her music and her lyrics. Her voice is soulful, clear and powerful, yet possesses an unmistakably beautiful vulnerability. In Amy Lynn there is the miracle of a quiet, gentle soul that has drawn melodies and lyrics from a deep well of life experiences… abuse, loss, and tragedy, yet a soul that has taken flight, and in that flight, the listener experiences hope and the courage to be a dreamer.

Lynn released her debut EP “Bulletproof” in October 2015 and has been invited to share her music at several events both locally and abroad, including the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN.