2015 Stage Spots

Click here for Songwriters awarded a solo or duo stage spot in the Aug. 19-23, 2015 SMSWF.

Only Original Music performed on a SMSWF Stage Spot. 

Tip Jars & Merchandise Sales Welcomed, Promoted and Encouraged! 

  • Applicants awarded a 2015 SMSWF STAGE SPOT will receive a presence on the SMSWF web-site with bio and promo pic and a link to your on-line presence  from the time SMSWF receives the bio and pic until the day the 2016 Stage Spot performers are announced.  Your name and picture will also be featured in the 2015 Festival Program.
  •  Applicants awarded a 2015 SMSWF STAGE SPOT will receive a minimum of one shout out a month thru SMSWF’s social media network until May 31, 2016.

SMSWF Stage Spots are a niche for those songwriters who want to invest in their own songwriting career.   Stage Spots did not come from a desire to charge songwriters to play. Many songwriters, who did not like to compete, asked us if they could simply purchase a stage spot. The SMSWF obliged them.  The thanks and response we have had from those who purchase a stage spot let’s us know the SMSWF Stage Spots are a benefit to songwriters.

Gospel Submissions given priority for Sunday Stage Spots.

The audition committee consists of people from businesses such as performance venues, clubs, bars, restaurants, radio producers, publishers, record label companies, choral and music teachers as well as simply music lovers.   Members of the audition committee will rate each submission on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest score possible).  The rating question being asked is how would you rate this person as someone you would like to listen to for 30 minutes?  Each song will receive a score from five different judges.

Any questions please contact us at info@smswf.com or 865-604-9066.

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